The history of the table tennis manager

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The Table Tennis Manager is a niche product

The Table Tennis Manager is not a natural person but an online game in the style of the well-known Football Manager games. In this game you can slip into the role of a manager of a table tennis team and guide their skills. The table tennis manager offers a high game depth with many options and settings. This was not always the case, because the game was developed over a long period of time and has gained a few new features every year.

Here are the key points of the development of the Table Tennis Manager

So much for the key points, which really only sketch a rough outline of the update. If you are interested in further details of the development, you can read them in the forum back to the beginning.

Table Tennis Forum

I try to update this page from time to time, but please bear in mind that this kind of work has little priority and therefore may lag behind a bit longer.

Future Prospects

As always for me and the players: After the update is before the update. Even though there are only a few updates per year, we always want to keep the game up-to-date, add new features or optimize existing ones. For this purpose, I keep a list which is then communicated with the programmer via GitLab.

Among many other small things, the most extensive feature planned for the future is to integrate nationalities into the game.

For me as the operator, the acquisition of new players is now at the top of the agenda, because they not only enrich the game with more income, but also swirl the "old players" a bit and create new challenges.